Monday, June 10, 2013

New Family

Calamari got a visit from a wonderful couple this weekend and they have decided to take him home.  Lucky us, we get to have him for one more week before having to say goodbye to this sweet boy.

We are so HAPPY for you, Calamari!

((See...i don't even need a pillow to get in a good nap!))

Thursday, June 6, 2013

All Smiles

Calamari is really starting to relax at home and actually enjoy life with us.  This is fairly new..naps that go belly up, with a huge smile showing his gorgeous teeth!  Avery and Emersyn call this the 'superman' pose.

We are working on countersurfing with him.  We found out this morning that he likes Chinese food!  He snagged an empty box out of the sink...the box i placed in there after packing leftovers for my lunch at work.  I've learned my lesson.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Refrigerator stare down

Here is a side photo of Calamari.  As you can tell, he's very intent...what's he staring at?  Our refrigerator.  He knows there is something very YUMMY in there!

Last night we took him to my son's little league baseball game.  He was a bit out of his element with all the rowdy parents, but he got lots of attention from kids and adults the same.  He also seemed to want to lap around the baseball field...most likely because he's used to running laps.

Calamari is definitely a puppy in a big dog body.  He's so curious and loves to play with his stuffy!

He hasn't met our cat, yet.  She's decided 2 greyhounds in the house is too much for her and has taken up the basement.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome Calamari

We got the call to pick up our first Foster Greyhound early Saturday morning.  So Excited to help out!

When we got there, Calamari was reserved and much more interested in his reflection in the car than anything else.  But, that didn't take long to change.

This is Calamari:  Gorgeous Red Brindle Boy

It's been about 48 hours now and he's come a long way into getting used to living in a house. 

Calamari found his first stuffy very quickly and if it squeaks the better it is. 

He learned the stairs in the first couple hours.  Going up was not an issue, coming down took a little nudge.  Now he's a pro.

He's figured out where the humans keep the treat jar and understands the kitchen is the place where all the food is kept.  He's really interested in the cold box that holds food because it smells so YUMMY in there and what the humans call the toaster oven.  He's learning not to counter surf with either his nose or even is front legs. 

The first sit down dinner was interesting, but once the little humans figured out to ingore him, he finally decided to lay down--but laid down in the kitchen to keep an eye on everything.

Calamari is fantastic on the leash and could walk forever checking out all the people, neighbor dogs and even the squirels and rabbits along the walking path.

We had a bad thunderstorm last night and Calamari was unfazed, while Ziggy hid.

I think he's starting to relax and enjoy the retired life already.