Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Refrigerator stare down

Here is a side photo of Calamari.  As you can tell, he's very intent...what's he staring at?  Our refrigerator.  He knows there is something very YUMMY in there!

Last night we took him to my son's little league baseball game.  He was a bit out of his element with all the rowdy parents, but he got lots of attention from kids and adults the same.  He also seemed to want to lap around the baseball field...most likely because he's used to running laps.

Calamari is definitely a puppy in a big dog body.  He's so curious and loves to play with his stuffy!

He hasn't met our cat, yet.  She's decided 2 greyhounds in the house is too much for her and has taken up the basement.

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