Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet our new Foster Grey--Robin

We got a call to see if we could foster another dog last week...i guess that means were were GREAT at it our first time around.  If you missed it, please see the update on Calamari (Phineas) below.  We are so happy we can do something to really help out.

The rescue group got 10 dogs from the track.  WOW, 10!  And then there was one dog that was turned in from her owners, Robin.  Her racing name is Philis Rollin Robin according to her official paperwork.  Robin's family was unable to care for her. I've been told they were moving around a lot due to work and decided it was unfair to her.  When the rescue got her it was determined that she needed some dental work and shots and the rescue group took care of all that.

So, we decided to take her in as our foster.  School is starting for us soon and this seemed to be a really easy foster for us--a dog that has already adapted to a home environment--no need to teach them about stairs, glass doors or windows, watch for counter surfing, etc.

Robin met our greyhound Ziggy...i told him he'd fall in love with her...and they hit it off.  Here she is getting comfortable. This picture really shows how gorgeous she is, but what you can't tell is how soft she is--especially her ears.  Speaking of her ears...look how perfectly they fall!  This photo even shows how light in color she is.  She's listed as a 'red' on paper, to me she's a very light red.

Please ignore the muzzle, we had that on her in order to safely introduce her to our cat.  But, the cat decided as soon as she saw any dog that she didn't know getting out of the car, that the basement was the best place to be and the muzzle came off soon after this photo.  The cat is now behind the basement door.  Robin has no clue there is a cat in the house.

Here is a close up of her sweet face, you can't tell from this photo, but she has a short white stripe down the center of her nose, close to the tip.  ADORE-ABLE!

We were right.  Robin didn't need any help with the stairs, doors, or anything.  She's enjoying the yard and wandering around the house.  She did have trouble eating her kibble.  We theorize that she may have been getting canned food because the kibble his shooting right out of the sides of her mouth and going all over the floor.  Ziggy wanted to help her with all the kibble on the floor. She's a bit hesitant at eating, unlike ANY greyhound we've ever known.  But I bet she gets the hang of it quickly.

We decided not to crate her the first 2 nights.  She did great shut in our bedroom and shared the beds with Ziggy just fine.

On Sunday we took Robin to the Meet-N-Greet event at the Hanover Petsmart.  Those are so much fun!  In this picture, you can see her white stripe on her nose.  :)

Can i have a cookie?
Robin, in the bright red collar, and her new Grey Friends waiting for a cookie
She got to meet some new grey friends and all the people walking by.

We did find out that Robin would rather sit in the middle bench seat then in the way back of the car.  She climbed on over during the ride home from Petsmart and made herself right at home!  I think Robin has some experience in a car.

Sunday evening we had a some family over for dinner.  We ate out on our deck and she socialized really well.  Most of the time, she napped in a corner as all greyhounds typically do.  She met my 2 Year Old nephew and there wasn't any issues with her and little kids.  She wandered around the food and acted pretty good...i think she wanted a burger!

Here is one last picture of Robin until my next update...apparently here she is all 'stressed' out after i left for work this morning.  Note to self, straight out the rugs!

If you are interested in meeting Robin, please call Denise at 304.229.4944

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