Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet Gina's Loonie

Lucky for us, Denise needed a foster family this weekend.

Meet Gina's Loonie.  We call her LOONIE, but she definately isn't looney in any way.   She's from Alabama and is about 20 months old.  She's a tiny little fawn and is a bit timid since this is all new to her.  She didn't really get the snow that we got last night, except that it made her she's sporting some jammies in all these photos.

We picked her up Saturday and she is doing so well.  She loves to go for walks and behaves so well on the leash.  She's not having any issues with eating, she's just a bit unsure of everything around her.

We are confident we can put some weight on her.  She even just started taking treats from our hands.  At first we had to put them on the floor.

She sleeps great in the crate at night, but so far has needed to get up early to go tinkle.

She wants to be where ever we are in the house, and loves to cuddle with Ziggy.  You can get an idea of how small she is here...knowing our ZIGGY is one of the biggest greyhounds we've ever met!

Here she is getting comfy, and keeping an eye on everything going on in the family room:

I should have known better, but i left my coffee on the coffee table and she couldn't resist a lick or two or three, but she's pretending she didn't have any.   "WHAT?  ME?  I DON'T CARE FOR SUGAR FREE VANILLA CREAMER, IT MUST HAVE BEEN THOSE LITTLE HUMANS YOU HAVE RUNNING AROUND"

Here she is after our walk this morning...we went for a nice brisk walk in the woods and even meet some of the neighbors.  I think she can get used to being retired.

We brought our cat up to meet her last night, but our cat isn't very willing to meet new dogs.  So she protested.  Most of the time the cat was in Chris' arms, and Loonie continued to lay on the bed, completely uninterested.  Once Chris put the cat down, she ran to hide in the basement.  Loonie, got up to see what was sprinting across the room, but then laid right back down.


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