Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The latest state for Loonie?

The state of BLISS.

This was from this morning after her morning walk and breakfast.  She has figured out how to get into the big, cushy, awesome beanbag bed...
(Yes, that is my curtain in the picture)

Yesterday was her first day home alone.  She was crated for short time while we all had to go to work and school and did really well.  No signs of distress and she wasn't complaining when my son walked in from after school.

She's getting into the routine at the house...and even decided it was bed time when i went to bed around 9 or so...Chris grabbed her around 11 for a quick potty break and she came back to up join me for bedtime after.

I'll try and post some more video soon, she is so is so darn cute!

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